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Proud Pervs: Waiting Room Risk-Takers – Roman Todd & Killian Knox

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Roman Todd, a bicycle courier, arrives at an office to drop off a package. Unfortunately for him, it looks like he’ll have to wait around a bit before being able to finish the job since the recipient is busy. Although he tries to tell the receptionist he really has to go, he’s brushed off. With a roll of his eyes, Roman begrudgingly takes a seat to wait. A few moments later, Killian Knox, dressed smartly in a suit, arrives. As he briefly chats with the receptionist, it’s revealed he’s there for a job interview. But just like Roman, he’s asked to take a seat until they’re ready to take him in. Although Killian is a little irked, he maintains his professionalism and sits next to Roman. Roman and Killian instantly bond over their irritation, complaining quietly among themselves about having to wait around. But soon enough, their complaints start to turn into compliments as they realize that they can have a little fun in the meantime. While sneaking sly looks at the distracted receptionist, Roman and Killian start to get handsy, stealing kisses. Killian is especially bold as he begins rubbing Roman’s dick through his tight bicycle shorts. But as the heat builds, it doesn’t take long for them to become even more risky. Things get hot and heavy as Killian drops to his knees and gives Roman a blowjob right then and there. As more and more clothes drop to the floor, it’s clear they intend to go all the way. Once the oblivious receptionist excuses himself to take care of business elsewhere, Roman and Killian let loose. They lustfully take turns blowing and rimming each other, before taking each other on the floor and over the counter. They’re completely lost to the moment, soon realizing that maybe it’s okay to have to be kept waiting sometimes…