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Kamil Sipek & Jonas Kaizer

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Kamil Sipek, a long-haired newcomer has always wanted to try something with another guy. So today is his lucky day. He is paired with Jonas Kaizer who gets to take Kamil’s cherry for him. Kamil answers a few questions before being joined by Jonas. They start to kiss and Kamil’s shirt is opened. Jonas then opens Kamils jeans too, reaching inside to grope him. He pulls down the jeans a little to release Kamil’s growing cock. Then he takes that cock into his mouth and starts to suck on it. With the cock nice and hard Jonas also sucks on Kamil’s balls. Kamil pushes the head down on his cock as Jonas licks and sucks it. Jonas then strips Kamil completely and goes back to sucking on the hard cock. Kamil is rock hard as he lays back and enjoys the mouth on his dick. He pulls Jonas’ head onto the cock as it is sucked. Then they switch places, with Kamil on his knees sucking Jonas’ big, thick cock. Jonas’ balls are nice and tight too as Kamil’s eager mouth works on his dick. Kamil is hungry for that cock working his mouth and tongue all over it. Then he turns around and presents his ass as Jonas positions himself. Jonas slides his big occk into the virgin hole as Kamil moans. The dick fits smoothly into that hole as Jonas starts to fuck. As he thrusts that cock deep into Kamil’s tight hole Jonas takes off his tee shirt too. His hips thrust hard to go balls deep into the hot hole. Kamil moans as he feels every inch slipping into him. Jonas fucks harder as he grabs the hips and pounds the hole. Kamil is turned onto his back so he can wank himself as Jonas fucks his hot ass hole. The big dick stretches the hole wide as Kamil wanks himself hard and fast. With Jonas fucking so hard Kamil’s wanking speeds up too and he soon shoots his cum onto his chest and over the cushion, moaning as he does so. Then Jonas pulls out and straddles Kamil’s chest to feed his cum into the open mouth and over the face. Kamil hungrily sucks on the cock to drain it completely too.


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