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The Cheeky Three – Chris Summers, Jackson Wright & Justin Stone

Jackson Wright and Justin Stone want to go to the mall with Chris Summers. There’s just one problem. Chris has an erection, and it won’t go down. In fact, when Jackson and Justin jump into bed with him, Chris is under a blanket, already jerking off. This is when it’s good to have friends because Jackson and Justin immediately get to work in helping out Chris with his pesky “problem” that won’t go away. They take turns sucking his dick, then suck on it together. Eventually, they lose their clothes, and the slobbering twinks make plenty of noise servicing Chris’s cock. Except they don’t know which tastes better… is it Chris’s dick? Or his balls? As if it would help them decide, Jackson and Justin slobber on Chris some more. It’s a wet and fun-filled blowjob that leads to Chris rimming Justin’s hungry ass, then finger fucking his buddies while they kiss. Chris takes Jackson’s hole, bareback fucking him while jerking him off simultaneously. Justin soon gets in on the action, spit roasted between Chris and Jackson. The three get louder and louder as they fuck, building towards an explosive finish, with each of them spewing copious amounts of jizz. Who knew three-innocent looking twinks could turn into such cum whores?

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Added: 27-03-2019 Duration: 26 min. Genre: Bareback, Threesome, Twink Channel: Featuring: , , Views:
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