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Jayden Feeds Clark

Jaden initially struck me as the shy and quiet type, more reserved than outgoing. I was clearly wrong in my assessment, though, as he’s come well out of any shell he might have had, and has thrown himself in to the action at CF with absolute energy and enthusiasm! You’ll see that here, as he goes to town on Clark’s big dick, sucking it deep and eagerly taking as much of it as he can down his throat. You’ll see it even more as he pumps away at Clark’s hole – something he does such a masterful job of that it’s not long before we’re treated to the site of Jaden fucking a load out of Clark, and Clark’s big dick blasting cum all over his own abs. You’ll also see it as these two young studs move things from the bedroom in to the shower, with Jaden not content to simply let Clark suck his cock and instead pumping his hips, and fucking Clark’s throat until it’s his turn to have his own orgasm. Understandably so, Clark is more than happy to go along with every single bit of it, and couldn’t be happier to suck and swallow up the cum that fires out of Jaden’s cock.

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