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Incident 353: Dick Crazed – Malachi Rayne

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Like so many, we had this guy back yet again for another stint as a resident. He still looks fairly good, but he acts even crazier than he used to. He’s also changed in other ways. For example, he’s completely dick-crazed now. The House Manager’s sure can do a good Stockholm job on these guys, and this delinquent is a shining example. Whereas he was never terribly resistant, he just begins salivating when he hears a zipper coming down. Well, as long as he follows the rules, we don’t mind. This fucker will chomp on cock unprompted, with a smile, all the way to completion. Check out his dome job in this incident: slobbering, exuberant, and submissive, all the way down to a huge load in the mouth. Perfect resident, in my book.