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Ryan Takes Over Marcus Rivers’ Ass

Marcus Rivers and Ryan Pitt make a hot and energetic pair and as they make out on the couch, Ryan rubs Marcus’s cock through his pants, feeling his bulge grow bigger as he works that dick. But it’s Marcus who goes down on Ryan first, gagging and choking on that huge prick as he runs his lips up and down that shaft and tugs on those big balls, Ryan’s hand fisted in Marcus’s hair as he pleasures him. Ryan picks Marcus up and holds him as they 69, giving and receiving as they both get hard as fuck until Ryan can’t wait to bury his dick in Marcus’s tight hole and takes him raw.

Marcus lies on the floor, ass propped against the couch as Ryan drives his cock into that tight hole, the position letting him get deep as fuck into Marcus as he pounds him. They both stand up as Ryan supports Marcus’s weight as he continues to fuck him hard, fast and deep, his bareback cock penetrating every reachable inch of Marcus’s hole while Marcus jerks his own prick, stroking it as he gets dominated until he shoots his load. Ryan fills that hole a little longer until he can’t stand it anymore and pulls out to bust across Marcus’s face, covering his cute features in hot cum!

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