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Introducing Diego

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While we commonly focus on those quintessential college jocks, there are all kinds of hot young college studs with all sorts of passions and interests out there, as Diego will prove! Diego is a sexy, sexually adventurous, tight-bodied, thick-dicked, self-described anime nerd and I do gotta say I’ve run into to a fair number of sexy anime nerds out there over the years! So while we all love ourselves those football jocks and frat boys, let’s not sleep on all the sexy anime nerds, band geeks, theatre kids, and host of other hotties gracing college campuses all over the country at this very moment! If Diego is any indication, we really need to get out there and find more anime nerds like him! He walked through our doors already sexually adventurous, open, and with a learned appreciation for kink. Diego knows what he likes, and I have no doubt whatsoever this handsome hottie has no trouble at all getting it. That sexual confidence and his being so in touch with his own sexuality and body make his introductory solo wonderfully intense and exciting and I’m eager to see all the other ways Diego will show off for us!