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Happy ending with Beefcake Lautaro

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I had to get this handsome and sexy Argentinian Beefcake back at the BCH arena and display his tall figure for the delight of many Hunters and myself. So, before having this Happy ending with Lautaro, I made him enjoy himself first while I toured his hot body with my camera, and when his dick was ready, I got on my knees while he filmed me sucking his balls and hard cock. I think he got distracted by the good sensation on his cock that, at some points, he lost focus on the POV. It has been a while since we have had a POV at BeefCakeHunter Land. I hope you guys don’t mind. Then, I took the camera away from him so that he could concentrate and for us to enjoy a magnificent view from below! Here we can appreciate how much Beefcake Lautaro enjoys getting his cock head sucked. I didn’t know if this scene would be a Happy ending with Beefcake Lautaro because when I asked him if he was ready, it seemed like he was not lol. Fortunately, his cock was more than prepared to explore a new hole in his life; as he mentioned, this would be the first time he fucks another guy…oops. He started with his cock very hard and slow, but he got more engaged when I became verbal with him; I think he loved that. I even mentioned the word cock in Argentinian Spanish, “pija”. But things got a lot better when we switched position to me being on my side; I couldn’t hold myself from trying to get closer to his chest and pretty face. Then I laid down on my stomach to let him go at his own pace; at that moment, I felt his “pija” deep in me. I wished he could cum in that position, but no, again, he asked me to jerk him off, so we could get his precious jizz out of him. It was a really Happy ending with Beefcake Lautaro. And I am sure we can get more of him as he gets more comfortable. I hope you guys enjoy this Happy ending with Beefcake Lautaro.