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Big Poles And Tight Holes – Chris Star, Chase Tyler & Blake White

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Chris and Blake start kissing Chase’s nipples while they rub his dick through his briefs. They start making out, Chase strips off his underwear and Chris can hardly wait to get that cock in his mouth. Blake joins in and they both start sucking at the same time. One using his mouth to work that shaft while the other uses his tongue. Then Chris get up on his knees for Chase to start blowing him while Blake keeps sucking his dick. They swap positions, Chris laying back to be pleased by the other two.They both work their mouths on the head of his cock. Teasing it as they almost make out with his dick in the middle. Chris moans, thrusting his dick into Chase’s mouth. They switch again, giving Blake a turn at each of their mouths. Chris watches for a moment as he jerks himself off and then dives back in to suck and lick Blake’s smooth balls. They all get up, Chase bends over and starts blowing Chris while Blake eats Chase’s smooth, tight hole. Then Blake starts fucking him raw. Going in deep and slow as Chase takes one dick in each hole. Once Blake’s big dick has loosened up Chase’s ass, Chris is ready for a turn. They swap positions and Chase lays on his back to take Chris inside him. He fucks him fast and hard, laying on top of him to suck Blake off while Chase sucks on his balls. Then Blake gets behind Chris to fuck him as Chris is still inside Chase. Chris dumps his load deep inside Chase and then moves out of the way for Blake to use his creampie as lube. He fucks him until they are both ready to finish and then he pulls out and they both cum all over Chase’s stomach.