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Relaxing afternoon sex with Beefcake Justin

Relaxing afternoon sex with Beefcake Justin is what I and all his fans have been craving for a while, and it has been a while since we have enjoyed the presence of this legend at BeefCakeHunter Land! Beefcake Justin and I had been talking for months about making this scene; he even planned to take a few days off from his work as a handyman and mover to deliver his big Polish cock for his fans to enjoy. He is always pleased and humbled to know he has many fans that love him. But he still had to work for a few hours before showing up at the BCH arena, so I received him with a few cold beers and offered him a warm shower; so, for those Hunters that love shower scenes, this episode is for you. Later on, on the bed, while he was still enjoying his beer, I devoured his big cock with the nice touch of his big hands caressing my back, hot and sweet at the same time, those things that make Beefcake Justin the legend he is. Of course, I took advantage of the fact that his dick seemed to miss me back, and I dared to kiss and lick his hairy chest, nipples, and neck! Yummy! Continuing with this Relaxing afternoon sex with Beefcake Justin, I got on my fours to get that thick meat inside my always-hungry hole. It was a little painful at first, but it felt delicious, and Justin was enjoying the fun of this encounter; you could tell by the faces he was making to the cameras that he loved the cameras, and the cameras loved him! Then we switched to a more romantic, not much-revealing missionary position; I would say that having his big body on top of mine is something I could enjoy every day and night for the rest of my life, lol. After I rode him well, he grabbed my butt, showing me that he wanted to be more dominant, so in much of the riding, he did the fuck while I fell subject to his pleasure! I have never ridden him in that position, but I loved every second. You can see clearly how that big cock got into my little man-pussy. Then, for the grand finale, I got between his legs again and milked him good while he was moaning with pleasure. He delivered a big creamy Polish milk! Justin is always a good time, and he said a few words to his fans; please don’t miss it! I hope you guys enjoy this video, Relaxing afternoon sex with Beefcake Justin.