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First Sight, First Taste – Max Konnor & David Ace

First Sight, First Taste – Max Konnor & David Ace
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David works at his cafe while he’s getting as burned and bitter as the coffee he serves. He thinks he has given up on love till the night sexy writer Max Konnor is his lone midnight patron. He makes idle small talk, but it turns flirty and sexual to the point David is tenderly kissing the dark handsome stud. Max peels off his sweater and yanks down his pants while David gets onto his knees to worship his hard, massive cock. With his crisp white shirt hanging around his shoulders, David goes to work on the achingly stiff prick. Max plows into his throat with just the right combo of tough and tender, and David feels more than mere horniness welling up inside him. Max is a hard, sex-driven MAN, and could be just what David’s been waiting for all these years. Cafe table cleared, David kneels one leg across with ass opened wide. Max dives in to get a mouthful, licks and sucks while maintaining deep eye contact with the infatuated waiter. He slips on a condom and plows in deep as David’s cock strains against the starched white tablecloth beneath. David’s eyes roll heavenward as he moans his satisfaction. He grabs the table for support as Max bangs into his hungry hole, then twists back around to share a deep soul kiss with the handsome stranger. Max sits splayed across the chair for David to climb on and ride his massive cock. Dick bobbing as he grinds into the ebony invader, he lets Max guide his entire body onto the big cock. They roll onto the table and Max slams in ferociously. David quivers and milks the giant fuckpole with his ass and Max can’t hold on much longer. He pulls off the condom and both spew a huge puddle of sperm onto David’s tight belly. Max scrapes up the sweet, sticky cream and feeds it to his new love. Could this be the happy ever after David dreamed of?


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