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Aidan Anthony & Declan

Aidan Anthony & Declan
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I have only shot one other sex scene with Aidan (with JJ Smitts) and their chemistry was off the hook. Once again, he really brings it. I think we have an elite sex artist! Declan has been really great with all of his scene partners, but this time he is really comfortable with the ass playand being dominated. He says his girl now has a toy that she uses on him, and he is not nervous about anal sex at all. There is a ton of kissing and a few surprising moments. These two really click! Favorite moments is watching Aidan rim Declan’s ass, dining out while opening up Declan to take his cock. Declan finally also has a pleasure epiphany during this video. Aidan works Declan into a sexual frenzy to point he was eager to get fucked. He also fucked him just right, getting him very close to cumming. He is no longer just taking, but now getting genuine pleasure from it. Next, Aidan rides on Declan’s cock, and pay attention to Aidan as he leaks out a ton of pre-cum as Declan hits his prostate just right. Aidan scoops it up from Declan’s tummy and then feeds it to Declan, even taking a sample for himself. We stopped to do some photos, and Declan really thought he could easily cum from getting fucked. He has done it once before, but it took some starting and stopping. We get back to filming, this time Declan is getting fucked doggie-style. I told him if he felt like he could cum, just go for it. Aidan fucks him pretty aggressively, but then slows it down to really hit his prostate in just the right spot. Declan dumps a huge load as Aidan fucks him. It was quick and easy! With cum still dripping out of his cock, Aidan gets down to suck the last drops of cum from Declan’s cock. After tasting his load, Aidan ramps-up and breeds Declan’s hole with a hot sticky load!


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