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Incident #218 – Smirking Only Makes It Worse

The worst type of residents are the ones who grew up with helicopter parents and then went astray. Their entire lives they have gotten into trouble only to be rescued. As such, there is zero sense of responsibility or accountability. When push comes to shove, they think that they can slide by with a pass. Unfortunately, at some point in their young lives there comes a reckoning. With this dipshit, the bill is due here at the Halfway House. While the other residents, who are working fervently to get themselves the hell out of here, go to work in order to pay rent and become normal citizens, this asshole wakes up feeling tired and just goes back to sleep. Then, he just sits in his room doing who know what.

We make the decision to put him in his place using our own unique methods, and it turned out to be quite the late morning fuck fest. Even as we were admonishing him to mend his ways, this jerk kept smirking, as if his situation were a joke. Well, the joke was on him. Before long, he was throat deep in cock. He sure can deep throat, too. So at least he is useful for something. The real prize, however, is that ass of his. He works out, so his bubble butt – well, you could bounce a quarter off of it. It looks even better getting pounded. The weekday House Manager lubed his fingers up, slapped his cunt a few times, and then went to town.

Our precious resident got fucked good, too. After getting dicked down on his back, he rode dick like a pro. Now, if he can do such a good job here in his room, why the hell can’t he work at a real job? Maybe he is just meant to be a whore. If so, maybe he will have found a profession that can keep some money in his pocket. Judging from the way he takes cock, it is something he should think about. But in the meantime, he’s just going to get fucked in vain until he seriously adjusts his attitude.

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