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Ariel Astra & Axel Ross

Ariel Astra is being questioned by Axel Ross, who is in charge of Airport Security. It seems that Ariel has been using fake money. Axel explains that he must search Ariel before calling the police. Ariel stands and is patted down. Then he removes his hoodie and tee shirt. After that he is made to take off his shorts too. Axel checks them and tells him to remove the underwear. After protesting Ariel takes the underwear off, revealing cock and balls and fake money. He bends over to allow his ass to be inspected. Then he is allowed to sit down. Axel says he will now call the police but Ariel looks for another solution. Axel gets his dick out, and tells Ariel to suck it, or go to jail. He does suck the dick as he feels Axel’s hand on the back of his head. That cock gets very hard as Ariel keeps sucking. Axel fucks it into his mouth. Ariel keeps sucking until Axel wants more. Then Ariel is made to kneel in the chair, soon feeiing the stiff cock pushing deep into his tight hole. He moans as the cock goes in and Axel starts to fuck hard. Axel spanks on the ass too and grabs the hips as he fucks. Ariel is able to take the dick well as Ariel fucks him deep. Then Ariel lays on his back to be fucked more. His own cock is hard and he starts to wank it as he feels Axel fucking him. Axel fucks hard into that hole as Ariel keeps wanking. The dick leaks some cum as Ariel wanks while taking the cock right up his ass. Axel pounds that tight hole until he is ready to cum. Then he pulls out and makes Ariel kneel to catch the cum on his face and in his mouth. He then takes hold of the cock and sucks it to drain it completely.


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