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Argos & JJ Smitts

The two are quiet at the beginning, as if they are doing this in secret. Once the fucking the begins, they both get a lot more vocal. Argos fucks JJ first and slides his thick cock in him with no problem. This is JJ’s favorite position to cum in, so he avoids playing with his cock in order to avoid cumming. Next, JJ fucks Argos, who also loves getting fucked on his back. He too was trying to not cum, but edges his cock a lot while being hammered.

We got a great undershot of JJ getting fucked and blowing a huge load. I think I ended up with jizz on my lens and didn’t realize it. It is explosive as cum rains down on us. Argos creampies his first guy, and does his best to load JJ up with his cum. They stop for a kiss, with JJ’s cock still dripping cum after having the jizz fucked out of him!

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