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Having a couple of beers with Beefcake Romeo

Having a couple of beers with Beefcake Romeo
Beefcake Romeo is a very sexy mechanic who wanted to spend the Cinco de Mayo weekend here in Florida, he also is a personal trainer and has a girlfriend from years back at home. So why not while in BCH territory make some extra cash to help with the short vacation, right? Anyways, things weren’t as easy as he thought. When we started the initial chat he introduced himself and we ask some general questions about him, he got very uneasy and nervous, and he told me that the only way he thinks that he can go through with getting head from a guy was by having some drinks. To be honest I was very nervous myself, to be in the presence of such beautiful muscular black man. His voice, his masculinity, everything about him is so hot, that I needed a beer myself, LOL, that is how I ended up Having a couple of beers with Beefcake Romeo. Even with the beers, it cost me a bit to get him into the zone, you know Hunters that I usually love to start licking the Beefcakes balls, and this sexy straight black dude has amazing ones! But I noticed that he was a little uncomfortable, so then I changed to lick his for now soft cock, from the tip all the way down, oh gosh, the way he was looking at me, I thought he would walk out at any moment LOL, but you know me how patient I could be at times and even though I wanted to go full speed on him, I had to hold myself and go very slow, using my hands, tongue, and all my tools until I started feeling that beautiful cock growing in my mouth…. From that moment, I did not hold myself and I went harder on his cock, moaning of enjoyment, noticing that he was getting into the zone little by little. He even complimented me at some point and I knew he was about to cum a couple of times, so I decided to stop for a quick refreshment, hoping that I would get another twenty minutes more of sucking, but Beefcake Romeo was totally in the zone, that it took me only five more minutes to squeeze his man jizz! He did not warn me, and I accidentally swallowed half of his cum, fortunately I was able to show you guys the other half… sorry… (not really…LOL) I hope you guys enjoy this video Having a couple of beers with Beefcake Romeo, and I want to THANK YOU Hunters for your support these five years, to be with me in the highs and lows, cheers!!


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