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Beefcake Edgardo electrifying orgasm

Edgardo is a handsome young Latino Beefcake, with beautiful thick lips and hairy thick legs, he used to play football, he is not that fit right now, but is still sexy as hell. He is trying to buy a used car, so he came to the right place: BeefCakeHunter Land, where the only thing he has to do is be himself, get comfortable and enjoy my eager mouth and hands attention, and you can tell how much of attention I gave him! LOL

When we start the chat, you can tell he is a little shy and nervous, we struggled (mostly my fault) to find the right pussy porn that would help him navigate the BCH sea. Once that part was resolved, I got on my knees and I took extra time caressing his legs and cock. When I felt his dick was getting ready, I pulled his pants off…

You know how much I love to lick the Beefcakes balls, but Edgardo has tickles in that area, and it cost me a bit even to not to lick them much, but I think that was part of the road that took us to Beefcake Edgardo electrifying orgasm.

Using my hands and mouth, I got his cock harder and from there I was able to feats on his thick cock. Halfway through the session, this sexy young Latino man started paying more attention to my mouth than to the pussy porn playing, honestly by seeing the footage, I think he was making a great effort to not show much attention, but those eyes don’t lie lol.

Once he was in the zone and more comfortable, he got more verbal and his facial expressions got hotter, I loved the part when he was instructing me how to make him cum, it wasn’t the first time he was about to cum, but I was able to manage it that first time. Watching him and listening to his moaning we got a Beefcake Edgardo electrifying orgasm, that tasted delicious… I hope you guys enjoy this video.

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