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Damian Arca, Jd Daniels & Dean Rogers – Cum Tunnels

Damian Arca, Jd Daniels & Dean Rogers – Cum Tunnels
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5 minutes later… JD was ready to fuck and happy to have a total slut that he could use for the pleasure of his cock without much concern for the cunt he is fucking. JD slams in knowing that Damian loves it. He fucks hard in several positions ramming the boy into complete submission. Damian proves once again he is just a hole and JD takes full advantage. He is almost there, almost there, almost there – no, he’s not really – he’s going to keep fucking for as long as he likes until it makes him cum and there is not a thing that Damian can do about it. Surprise. Dean Rogers has been lounging on the other bed the entire time enjoying the JD and Damian show. His cock getting harder and harder watching the rough breeding that has been happening in front of him. JD commands the bottom to sit on Dean’s dick and milk it with his cunt. The sight is too much for JD who decides to squeeze his cock into the already penetrated hole. The friction of JD’s cock on Dean’s dick makes Daddy Dean cum again and the two tops feed the boy every drop straight from his hole.


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