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William Plows Parker’s Ebony Ass

William Crown drops by to hookup with lean muscular black stud Parker Payne, and Parker drops to his knees to welcome William’s big hard cock. He easily deepthroats William to the fuzzy pubes, and William grabs him from behind and fucks his piece into Parker’s wide open mouth.

As William sits at the couch, Parker goes down to the balls and keeps his dick in there. When he backs his mouth away it’s grown to its full impressive length and is stiff as a board. It’s time to move on to the main event.

Parker braces against the back of the couch and pokes up his ass for William to bury his face in. Crown gets a mouthful and sucks hard on the sweet and hungry pucker while his hands spread the crack and muscular cheeks wide apart. He gives the smooth chocolate colored buns an appreciative smack before he licks faster and beats his cock.

William presses his hard dick into the crack of Parker’s tight ass, gives a hard push to get it in and comfortable, then grabs both cheeks as he pumps away. Parker grinds back into each hard thrust, moaning “Oh FUCK, you like that ass!” Crown’s pole drills in deep as Parker climbs on to ride. Parker holds his junk in one hand and braces with the other as he slams straight down onto the slick juicy cock. They’re both getting ready to blast.

William turns his buddy onto his back and plows in to the hilt. He’s not holding back now, but racing to a big splashy finish. As Parker’s hole milks him for a batch of hot seed, William’s body writhes like a hot fuck machine. He grabs Parker’s butt and slams in faster. Pulling out just in time, the creamy white spurts of William’s load dot the dark ebony skin of Parker’s big muscular ass.

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