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Edging Beefcake Kyle

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I was not expecting to be Edging Beefcake Kyle, I thought that after a couple of shootings he had learned how to control his orgasms. Maybe he really enjoys my warm mouth and tight hole lol, or maybe he has been holding it for too long, you know I always tell the Beefcakes to save their load a couple of days before the shooting, when is possible, of course. He is very professional so even though his wife “tried to get it” like he said, he was still faithful to BeefCakeHunter land! Thank you, Kyle! He still working at Construction, but he is doing some plumbing as well, so if there is any Hunters with “pipes” problems, Kyle is your man! We cut the chat short and I went to business soon after I learned he was “ready” to go. I toured his body and ventured to touch him. After seeing his big package under his underwear, I knew I had to take care of that pronto, a few minutes into sucking him I realized I was Edging Beefcake Kyle, so I made him lay down. Having this sexy construction worker laying down I continue sucking his beautiful cock, one of the most beautiful here at BCH. I ventured again to kiss his nipples and armpits, I don’t remember doing that in his previous videos, can someone refresh my mind? LOL He warned me again that he was way too close to nut, I decide to ride him and take control of the fucking, but he surprised me when even in that position he was pumping my hole… hmm. Then I wanted to feel his big manhood on top of my body and I laid down so he can fuck me from behind, at that point he was able to hold it. Then I decided to turn around and have him fuck me missionary, something that I though may slow down his orgasm, but it was all the contrary, maybe I got tighter in that position and he had to stop for several seconds in order to hold it, but I knew he needed to nut so badly and a few minutes later I gave him the ok to cum, and what a sexy manly moaning he does when he cums, wow! Many Hunters love when the Beefcakes finish with their cocks inside me, so this session with Beefcake Kyle was ideal for that, as you can see when I showed it in the video, he gave us a big load, and he was so sensitive to touch that it was even funny. Kyle’s a gentleman and offered me his hand to lift me up, but I still wanted to be laying down enjoying the view of this man. I hope you guys enjoy this video Edging Beefcake Kyle.


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