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David Mattos & Wright – Serviced

I thought it would be fun to watch Wright service a guy. David kicks back and lets Wright work his cock.
Wright actually has a fascination with oiled-up bodies in porn videos. He loves to slicked-up bodies and rubbing together. He slicks their cocks up and jerks them together. David takes over and gets a real good jerk going.
They swap places and David shows-off his cock sucking skills. Lots of slobber on this one! No lube required!

They 69-suck each other for a bit, but David wanted to eat ass. Once again, Wright has another dude’s face planted in his ass. While getting rimmed, Wright managed to get four fingers inside David’s hole. He swaps his finger for a butt-plug while David jerks his own cock. Wright pushes the plug deeper until David bust his nut.Wright straddles David’s chest and gives David an amazing facial! Cum is everywhere! Wright then teases David’s sensitive cock, squeezing out the last bit of cum, while David squirms from being too sensitive!

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