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Servicing hung Virginia straight dude

Servicing hung Virginia straight dude
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Servicing hung Virginia straight dude is a feast of a beautiful big thick white cock! Beefcake Kip is a divorced (twice) dude that just moved to the area from Virginia. At the moment he is making ends meet by working as a construction worker, but when he learned about a wonderful land called BeefCakeHunter Land, he did not hesitate for a minute to come for my hand… and mouth of course 😉 Things have not been easy for him lately; he was even involved in motorcycle accident… ouch! As you will see his legs and other parts of his sexy body with scratches, but I guess that is the last thing you Hunters will pay attention to, right? because he is gorgeous and just wait to see his not exaggerating… big cock! Naturally, Kip was a little nervous at first, but I broke the ice with a couple of my bad jokes lol and he totally changed to be himself. Which is very interesting and funny, he is a very talkative guy and not afraid to express many things. Things that gave me some heads up if he returns for more at the BCH arena, like he is very into ass fucking and since it has not been easy for him to find who can take that big tool in the ass, he seems to be very appreciate of who will… the things that I have to do for you Hunters! 😉 At the beginning of my Servicing hung Virginia straight dude Kip, I have to use all my expertise and my hands to get him in the zone, it was rather fast at the first, but then I lost him a bit. A few seconds later, there was no return, gosh! I wish I had a bigger mouth so I can put that whole thing in back to my throat, but I think I did right, he was appreciative and really got into it when he saw me making all kind of efforts, you can notice that when he grabbed my head and for a long 4 or 5 minutes had my mouth fixated in sucking his dick at the same rhythm, hmm that was really hot! He got so into that, then when I told him to please call me names; it was like he was waiting for me to ask, like he was actually thinking of that. Yeah, a sublime moment for any sub cocksucker like me, the chemistry was right that I did venture to touch his body a lot, his chest, his neck and even kiss his legs, hopefully that helps him heal faster lol. At the end like we agreed before the shooting, I let him concentrate in the pussy porn so he can cum, he doesn’t cum easy with head he told me, but my hands made the trick! I hope you guys enjoy this video Servicing hung Virginia straight dude!