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Swallowing Beefcake Roger load

Swallowing Beefcake Roger load as delicious as it was, it was accidental, even though I have been told several times to do it. I always make the Beefcakes cum outside my mouth for the world to see but this time it was not the case… well you can see some, but most went down my throat lol.

Beefcake Roger is a handsome bartender and model in his early thirties. He was been married and he has been dating a girl for a while. He is kind of free-spirited guy; no kids, no attachments, he even told his girl he was going to do this… wow!

I love how he came to our encounter, all dressed up. An elegant way to enter the BCH arena, he couldn’t look sexier and more masculine. He kind of fulfilled my fantasy about creating scenes when a guy goes to a job interview all well dressed, and they ended up being sucked by their prospect employer (me) hahahaha…

Before Swallowing Beefcake Roger load, I was able to have a nice long chat, he has a sexy voice, he is very paused but at the same time you can see some naughtiness between the lines.

Once his pants were down, I couldn’t help to celebrate his cock, something that made him happy, then like many other times at BeefCakeHunter Land, the first thing that I did was to taste his delicious pair of balls. It was a matter of seconds before his dick went fully hard, and in the hit of the moment I had an early start in the deep throat game, something that Beefcake Roger seems to love… what a compliment when he told me if I can teach girls to do that….please watch the video to hear my answer to that! Lol.

During this session I venture to touch his sexy upper body, snap his cock on my face, and kiss his legs. I also vigorously suck his cock at some points, all things that got him very close to the orgasm a couple of times. Then, when I decided to let him finish I got in the position to jerk off his cum but then I though he may need some extra deep throat to help him cum, at that exact second he shot the load inside my mouth, I put his cock out as fast as I could but it was too late, only a couple of drops escaped from going down my eager mouth lol.

After this, I hope to be in the short list of Roger’s phone for when he needs to release, hahahha, he says that he doesn’t jerk off… I hope you guys enjoy this video Swallowing Beefcake Roger load. I wish a Happy 4thof July, to all our American Hunters!

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