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Javier Spreads Dantes Ass Open

Dante Drackis and Javier Cruz go down on each other after making out, Dante tasting Javier’s meat first as he deepthroats that fat prick. Cupping Javier’s balls and pulling that shaft in and out of his mouth, Dante works Javier’s dick until he’s rock hard and then prepares to receive head next as Javier captures Dante’s member between his soft lips. As Javier sucks Dante’s cock, Dante lets out quiet moans under his breath, enjoying every last second of Javier deepthroating his shaft until he’s ready to enjoy Javier’s shaft in his ass.

Dante climbs onto the bed, straddling Javier and lowering his tight ass onto Javier’s dick, sinking that cock fully into his ass as Javier pushes it as deep as it can go. Dante rides Javier, his hole stretching to fit that big dick as he fucks himself with it and then lets Javier lay him on his back as he continues to pound him. Legs spread wide open, Dante gets his ass fucked as he reaches up and runs his hands across Javier’s smooth chest, moaning as he gets fucked. Grabbing for his own dick, Dante starts to work his shaft until he shoots his load and then lies back and lets Javier finish all over him, cum dotting his abs as Javier leans in for one more kiss.

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