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Camping with Grayson Lange and Willy T

In this new gay porn video release from ColbyKnox, Grayson Lange and Willy T are enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors!!! After a wild night of drinking by the camp fire the two boys wake up feeling a bit frisky, and only slightly hungover. Grayson Lange gets Willy T up and about by paying some oral attention to that thick hairy cock of his. Grayson lick slurps and sucks on Willy’s cock getting them both worked up and in the mood. Then turning Willy over to appreciate the other side for a while by brushing his tongue up and down Willy’s hairy crack and eventually paying a good deal of attention to his hungry asshole. Grayson Lange is proof that great things come in small packages because he can pack one hell of a pounding down, which Willy quickly learns. The two boys hump moan lick and fuck the morning away pushing the space and size boundaries of their tiny tent. The woods were dead silent during the filming of this scene, every creature in the forest had to stop and watch the morning show!!!

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