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Justin Starts By Fingerfuckin Bruno

Two studs Justin Dean and Bruno Cartella don’t need an introduction, these guys get right to the good stuff as they kiss on the couh, Bruno’s hand already down his pants as their make out session gets hotter by the second. Justin toys with Bruno’s sensitive nipples before zeroing in on that dick and taking it in his mouth, deepthroating that cock as Bruno runs his hands through Justin’s hair. Bruno tastes Justin’s prick next as he shoves that veiny dick into Bruno’s mouth and pushes it deep to the back of his throat before Justin is itching for another taste of Bruno.

Bending his legs up on the couch, Justin fingerfucks Bruno’s ass, giving it a few good spanks as he jams his long digits in and out of him before replacing his fingers with his cock and fucking Bruno raw. Justin packs Bruno’s ass full of his hard dick, pounding him with it as Bruno turns around to take that dick from a new angle as he moans into the couch pillows. As Justin slams into him, Bruno’s sweet little ass bounces with each deep thrust until Justin sits down and pulls Bruno onto him, letting him fuck himself on that dick until both these guys are shooting loads of hot cum!

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