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The Boy Cole – Chapter 2: The Auction

Master Felix made it clear what I was to do. Before I was brought out, I was given a black jock strap and bow tie. I tried to fidget with it at first, but I could tell it was more than just a decoration. There was a weight to it that was more than what I’d expect of a simple black tie accessory. It had power to it. Control. It was more of a collar than anything else. And even as I tried to make it fit, I was warned not to mess with it. “You might not like the results.”

Stepping out onto the auction block, I was surprised by how many men were around. It hadn’t occurred to me just how active this process would be. But now, seeing the silhouetted figures, I knew more was out of my control than I’d anticipated. A light shone on me, making myself the only really lit object around. It was a little scary, but I couldn’t help but be excited.

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