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Lorenzo & Zane Baldwin – Serviced

Zane stuck to a traditional Serviced video. Lorenzo oiled him up a bit, massaging his pecs and abs, slowly working his way down to his cock. I think Lorenzo was pleasantly surprised to see a nice fat uncut dick waiting for him under Zane’s gym shorts.Lorenzo toys with him a bit, slowly stroking and licking his balls. He tongues his head and foreskin, then after a few minutes he starts shoving Zane’s cock all the way down his throat. Zane looks suitably impressed! I thought Zane would just sit and watch the TV, but he is interested in watching Lorenzo service him, encouraging him to suck his dick. He even jerked-off Lorenzo for a bit.

Watching Zane get rimmed is kind of funny. You can tell he has never had his ass even played with. (How is that possible!?!?!) He was jumpy and was fighting back giggles. I think Tickle fetish people might want to focus on scruffy beards rubbed gently along a straight dude’s but crack. They can barely contain their giggles. Having had a preview of Zane’s jerk-off technique, I knew he would have to furiously need to stroke his cock. Zane stands over Lorenzo who waits for obediently for his load.

Zane starts to stumble backwards as he cums, and thankfully Lorenzo chased him as well as the bed giving Zane some support. Most every drop filled Lorenzo’s mouth! I think Zane is fantastic looking and has a great body. I’d love to have him back and see if he can push through some of his limits. He has expressed a minor interest, but I suspect he will think on it for a while.

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