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Gabriel Phoenix & Alexander Muller

I hope you’re prepared for one of the hottest muscle fucks you’re gonna see this year, I ain’t kidding. Alexander has just arrived, a gorgeous and ripped young stud with a bulging uncut cock and all the skill needed to show a man like Gabriel a good time. The chemistry is instant, but how could it not be with two such hunks kissing and desperate to fuck? Alexander is the first to get a taste, slurping on hairy hunk Gabriel’s delicious dick and clearly loving it. He’s soon returning the favor and once again showing his love of foreskin with some head slurping action, spitting on that meat and bobbing up and down with greed. The moment he shows he’s ready for that fuckstick in his arse he’s kneeling and Alexander is sliding in, taking it slow at first because Gabriel is pretty tight, but once he’s in there a total beast emerges! With spanks and grunts he rams his cock in and out of Gabriel, grabbing the guy by the shoulder and riding him with the kind of energy you’d expect from a muscle man twice his size! Gabriel is loving it, especially when he’s flipped onto his back and pummeled by the younger man, Alexander’s body working overtime with every muscle bulging as he furiously fucks his new friend. Gabriel spurts some cum, but he’s not done yet, continuing to jack his meat until a bigger torrent of semen splashes out over his furry abs. The moment he does Alexander is ready to pull out and join in, barely taking aim in time as his load spews from his hooded dick over Gabriel’s cummy cock and wet hand. Phew, if you didn’t shoot off watching this you need to go back to the start and watch it again!

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