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Boy Cole – Chapter 3: The Prize, Buyer #1

I kept my eyes focused on Cole as he unlaced my shoes. I sat on the edge of the bed, looking for any signs of resistance or inconvenience. He kept his eyes down. He looked intently at my feet, handling them carefully as he carried out my order to have them removed. He did exactly as I said, without even a hint of struggle.

I knew this wasn’t a big ask of a slave, but it was these small, simple tasks that proved one’s dominance over another. He took off my sock and belt with the same readiness. These were all things I could do myself. Things I normally do myself. But now, with Cole here, I could sit back and have even these things done for me. How fucking great is that?

As he stripped me down, I became incredibly and uncontrollably aroused. I had Cole run his mouth over my cock, without any warm up or petition. He just did as I said, through and through. He kissed my crotch, inhaling its musk and kissing the bulge as I became even harder. When I told him to suck it, he gently pulled it out of its underwear and slowly took me deep into his mouth.

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