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I’m So Fucked

Just a quick little PSA – If you injure your nuts, or think you may have injured your nuts, go to a doctor immediately! Which brings me to one of the reasons why I’ve been aloof. A week before I filmed this update, I was trashed and hopped into my jeep and sat on my nuts. I was so fucked up I didn’t realize I had gotten one of my nuts lodged into my body. It wasn’t until getting home that I noticed there was only one nugget in my sack, so I felt around and popped it back into place and kept on trucking. Coulda-shoulda-woulda gone to the doctors but didn’t. So for the past few months I’ve had to be almost celibate because of the excruciating pain during almost any sexual activity and then doctors’ orders. I did however discover that while my sack couldn’t endure topping, my hole could take a pounding, well, penetrated to say the least. And fortunately Leon Fox was up for the task to help break me back into the bottoming game. I had intended on just pounding out his sweet sweet hole and breeding his guts, but as you’ll see I had to tap out from topping real quick. And if I gotta start taking dicks, Leon’s dick is perfection in my book and he’s one of my spirit animals, so I was off to a good start. Also thank goodness for my porn dad, Nick Moretti, for being there to help me keep my shit together…and to film all the hot sweaty man sex, because as you guys will see in the vid, I’m fuuuuucked up and so focused on that dick and in no condition to be responsible. Sorry for making you gents read so much, I just wanted to catch you up to speed, you can now take out your dicks and watch my hole get wrecked.

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