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Gains – Oliver Star & Kristofer Weston

Wide-eyed Dandy is in total awe of his beefy step dad as he enters the house after his morning run. His old man has been working out super hard ever since his wife left, and his step son can see the gains. He follows his pop to the shower and touches himself as he takes a sneaky video on his phone. His step dad catches him and invites him in, revealing his huge cock to the boy. They move to the bedroom and the old man lifts the boy up and fucks him bareback, completely dominating him. He teases his little boy with his fat cock by slowing going in and out of his hole, and the kid moans like crazy. Then, he shoots all over his son’s body, letting the boy lick the cum off his fingers.

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Added: 17-08-2019 Duration: 31 min. Genre: Bareback, Daddy, Twink Channel: Featuring: , Views:
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