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Mateo Fucked Hard And Deep By Zeke

Zeke Weidman is hungry for some good cock and Mateo Rose is more than willing to offer his up for a taste! After making out, Zeke gets on his knees to lick and suck Mateo’s uncut prick, working that dick with his mouth until Mateo’s hard as fuck. Standing up, Zeke lets Mateo go down on him, lips around Zeke’s shaft and fingers playing with Zeke’s balls as he sucks him off.

But Zeke wants a taste of Mateo’s ass next and he gets him on all fours on the bed and buries his face between those sweet cheeks, rimming that tight hole. Mateo reaches back to play with his dick as he gets his ass eaten before Zeke sits up and lines his throbbing hard cock up with Mateo’s spit slicked asshole. Pushing inside of him, Zeke gets balls deep in Mateo’s hole, fucking him hard and deep, balls slapping against Mateo’s luscious ass as he gets pounded. They break for more oral, Zeke rimming and licking Mateo’s ass before fucking him bareback some more, going hard and fast until both these sexy guys cum hard!

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