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Hide The Sausage: Manuel Skye & Rodrigo Alves

Manuel Skye is mesmerized by Rodrigo Alves amazing good looks and counts his blessings that the two have finally hooked up. The kissing is deep and passionate and not enough for Manuel as he leans in and is hypnotized by the magic that ignites when the two men’s lips meet. Manuel can’t believe his eyes as Rodrigo begins to strip down. Rodrigo’s cock is protruding from his shorts, telling Manuel that he too is equally thrilled to be with such a legend. As the shorts drop and the cocks come out, Manuel and Rodrigo see that it is a magnificent match that will bring both men complete pleasure. Manuel is hungry and quickly drops to his knees and takes Rodrigo’s incredible cock into his mouth. A true coinsure of foreskin, Manuel makes sure to give special attention to Rodrigo’s ample hood. Rodrigo swaps up with Manuel and gently places his lips on his cock head and slowly runs his lips down his magnificent shaft, working his way to the base. Gagging and struggling to take all of Manuel’s cock, Rodrigo never gives up but continuously going deep until he reaches the furry bush. The guys move into a 69 position where Manuel proves that he is a master cock sucker, consuming Rodrigo’s hot cock and slipping his tongue into his smooth ass. Manuel’s tongue was just a tease and Rodrigo wants more so he climbs on top of Manuel and lowers his ass onto his throbbing cock. Rodrigo gives himself a deep and hard fuck as his own cock is slapping against his ripped abs with each thrust. Rodrigo spins around to face Manuel and Manuel picks him, while not breaking the bond between the two and continues to fuck him suspended in air. Manuel is flipped onto his back and Rodrigo slips his raw cock deep inside of his smooth, muscular ass. With each lunge of Rodrigo’s cock Manuel’s cock throbs and dances with pleasure as he is filled with Rodrigo’s hefty cock. Rodrigo picks up the pace of his fucking and Manuel’s cock responds by reaching full girth and firmness as his balls are filled to capacity. One last thrust of Rodrigo’s cock and Manuel erupts a huge load of cum that showers his entire torso and face. Rodrigo’s fucking has reached a fevered pitch as he scoops up Manuel’s cum, coats his cock and lets it fly all over as Manuel catches what he can with his tongue. As Rodrigo slips his cum drenched cock back into Manuel’s wet ass, Manuel’s eyes roll to the back of his head in complete ecstasy. This is the kind of hook up we all dream of.

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