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Andres Breaks In Emory

Oftentimes, when a new guy arrives at CF, he can be a bit nervous at first. It’s understandable, really – new surroundings, new people, and the prospect of doing something they’ve never done before in front of our cameras can really have an effect on the nerves! That wasn’t the case with Emory and Andres, though. Both of these guys are as easygoing as can be, were entirely at home around the studio with the other guys, and both were real pleasures to have around. Granted, it can always be pleasant enough to have total hot-bodied studs like these guys around regardless, but Emory and Andres also have personalities that are loads of fun to be around. They’re each so outgoing and fun, in fact, we decided to throw them in to action together! These guys showed up at CF ready for some fun, got along with one another, and were eager for a good time. Showing one another a good time is precisely what they do here, and the results are blazing hot! Andres gets his hot cock buried in Emory’s ass, Emory gets a hot load fucked out of him by Andres’ relentless pounding, and two hot young newcomers to CF break each other in for us all to see!

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