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Dave Feeds Emory

I don’t know about you, but immediately after seeing Emory in action the first time I thought to myself, “OK! Now I need to see him in action again!”. Emory’s super hot, and seeing him go at it is a treat from start to finish. I couldn’t wait to get him in to another scene, and it just so happened we had the perfect candidate to pair with him – Dave! Dave’s packin’ a big, thick dick and we all know Dave fucks like a stud. He’s passionate, he’s intense, he’s ripped, and he’s endlessly skilled at using that hot cock of his. With Emory being so hot himself, and looking even hotter when on the receiving end of a hard pounding, getting these guys together was a must. It didn’t take long after his arrival at CF for Emory’s hole to really get the royal treatment – Andres eagerly rimmed and fucked it, and now Dave does the same. Dave’s tongue goes to town on Emory’s ass while Emory masterfully works over Dave’s cock with his own mouth, and all that leads to each of these guys unable to hold out any longer – Dave wants Emory’s ass, and Emory wants Dave’s cock. Well, we’re not ones to deny them what they want!

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