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Boneco II – Episodio 3: Diego Wolf, Felipe Salzane, Romulo & Tony Oliveira

Businessman Wolf is desperate behind the person threatening him with hidden camera footage and using the name The Dummy. Detective duo Rômulo Ferrari and Felipe Salzane take action to solve the mystery. They are just friends, but when the horny hits the office, they always end up bitching.

Felipe will need the help of computer technician Tony Rack. They’ve been boyfriends in the past and the horny also gets in the middle of work and the two spend the afternoon having sex.

This is the debut movie of the three newbies. Felipe is from São Paulo, is 22 years old and was a success in solo video. Tony, the hacker, is 19 years old, is from Pernambuco and lives in São Paulo. Romulo, the detective, is 23 years old and lives in the interior of São Paulo.

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