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Tall and big dick Latino Manuel serviced

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Beefcake Manuel has done some straight porn gigs in the past, I don’t doubt it at all, he has the “goods” for that, but now is in sales and has some weeks off until sales start picking up, so he decided to make some cash until then, by put his amazing cock to work again… Of course, been at the BCH arena is a new territory for him, so he was obviously a little nervous, you can notice his sweaty armpits, I know some Hunters are turn on by that, so there it goes. On my part I tried to easy things down for him by chatting, where he sounds very serious, lol, so I thought it was better go straight to business soon lol Even though he seemed very serious, he welcomed with a smile when I got on my knees and I started rubbing his cock under his pants, it wasn’t too long until I pull his pants down, and wow, big bonus: hairy legs and big balls accompanying that huge amazing cock! Truth is, that during the first parts of this Tall and big dick Latino service video, Manuel was very much concentrated in the straight porn playing , with some occasional glance at my enthusiastic sucking, especially when he noticed how hard I was trying to deep-throat him, he may had fun watching me try, lol…I couldn’t go all the way down… sorry I let you down guys ..lol I noticed that Beefcake Manuel is so proud of his big cock, and I complimented that in every opportunity I had, I don’t know if is noticeable but my favorite part is that perfect smooth big cock head, that I couldn’t help myself from moaning every time I had my lips on it! By the second part of the video, he got more or at least he showed more that he was in the zone, he started moaning and putting his head back, that could only fuel my enthusiasm and for sure I would spend hours servicing this dude. By almost the end, I knew he was close when he sang to me: “Just like that”, “don’t stop” wow, I went crazy and I just really wanted to see his man jizz coming out of his beautiful cock. With a lot of tongue, my hands and my lips, he slowly ejaculates a rather thick and creamy sperm…cheese time! Lol I hope you guys enjoy this video Tall and big dick Latino serviced.


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