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Jase & Patrick Fool Around

With Jase packin’ that impressive cock between his legs, and Patrick being such an eager bottom, it was a given we’d have to pair these two up – and Patrick completely agreed! From the very get go, Patrick makes it clear he is ready, willing, and able to handle Jase’s cock – he deepthroats the entire thing, and the look on Jase’s face while that happens makes it clear he’s having his cock handled like never before! Patrick gives us all a lesson in how to handle a big dick, masterfully working it over from tip to base and swallowing as much of it as he can, getting Jase thoroughly riled up and blowing him away! The fucking is the main event, though, and at this point it’s Jase’s turn to show Patrick a thing or two! He returns Patrick’s expert blowjob favor with an expert pounding one of his own, and sends both of these guys over the edge with his skills!

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