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Jeremy Robbins & Alexandr Jander

Jeremy Robbins & Alexandr Jander
Jeremy Robbins is in charge of security and he is interviewing Alexandr Jander who is accused of stealing. Alexandr protests his innocence but he is not believed and Jeremy decides to strip search him. During the search he finds the stolen item and Alexandr begs not to be in trouble. Jeremy has a solution to avoid involving he police. With that he opens his pants and pulls out his cock insisting that Alexandr must wank and suck it. Despite his protestations Alexandr does it to avoid the police. His mouth closes around Jeremy’s cock and he starts to suck. The cock is fucked into his mouth as it gets hard. That big dick fucks his mouth, making him gag. But that is not all. Alexandr is then bent over the desk, with his jeans down so that Jeremy’s big cock can fuck his hot ass hole. That big cock pounds into Alexandrs ass, fucking it deep as it stretches it so wide. Alexandr is turned over to lay on the desk and his hole is fucked more. That big cock works hard in the hot hole as Alexandr wanks himself. The feeling of the cock in his ass soon has him shooting his hot cum onto his sexy body. Jeremy continues to fuck that ass hole until he is ready too. Then he pulls out to dump his cum onto Alexandr’s balls.


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