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BBC Brod got serviced

BBC Brod got serviced enthusiastically, I mean, how cannot be enthusiastic after finding out that what was waiting for me was not seven but nine inches? Especially when I am so used to be told by the Beefcakes how big their cocks are just to find out that there is always an inch or two short lol, but humble Beefcake Brod was the opposite, he claimed to be just seven inches, but as you can see in this video, it was inaccurate…

Beefcake Brod is a tall sexy young black man who works as a sales man, he also has done some model gigs and when he learned about BeefCakeHunter Land gig , he wanted to give a try, good for me, it was about time to Have a BBC in my hungry mouth
Before BBC Brod got serviced, we have a quick chat about he been late for the shooting, what he likes in porn, etc. He seemed very confident and not nervous at all, so I couldn’t wait to be on my knees and find out more about this sexy dude.

When on my knees I had some difficult taking his pants off, but after that touching the bulge under his underwear, I noticed that we were not talking about seven inches, it was hot to see his proud expressions while I couldn’t hide my surprised expressions lol, then I knew why he was so confident!

After pulling off his underwear, that big cock was ready to be sucked, I hold for a while my impulsiveness and I went right into his tasty balls, but few seconds later my mouth was enjoying slowly that big tool. Brod gave me the right amount of attention to keep me going. When I was already changing my pace to a more enthusiastic blow job, I requested him to call me names, and he gladly and creatively did so….

At moments I thought I may be too rough with him, but Beefcake Brod was fine, maybe he was enjoying to see how much I was enjoying myself down there, then he called me names again and I knew he may be holding his orgasm just for the sake of the show!

Once he asked me when I want him to cum, I knew it I was right and instructed him to cum at any time, with the help of my hands I concentrate in the tip of his cock, minutes later I was squeezing a big load out his amazing dick..ummmm, I am so glad he lied to me about his cock size , Brod has officially a nine inches cock.. I hope you guys enjoy this BBC Brod got serviced video.

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