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Justin Leroy & Ethan Duval – Orgamisc Massage

Justin Leroy offers a massage to young Ethan Duval to welcome him to French Twinks Team. Hands of the beautiful blonde run through the hairless body of the twink and he insists on his little bubble ass molded in a jock-strap. Ethan moans and Justin begins to get hard in his boxers before turning Ethan on his back to take off his underwear.

Lying side by side in bed, the two boys are naked, kiss and jerk each other then Justin offers his hard cock to Ethan who starts to suck him. The young twink applies to lick and swallow him while deep throating that dick while his friend starts playing with his ass. Ethan is tight and Justin takes his time to prepare gently the object of his desire. Ethan is now lying on his back, buttocks apart and his delicious little pink hole offered to Justin who licks and titillates delicately. More and more excited it’s Ethan who asks Justin to fuck him and of course there is no need to pray. The beautiful blonde penetrates slowly Ethan, forces a little the passage and begins to go back and forth more powerful making the cute ephebe screaming. Ethan’s cries dodestabilize Justin who continues to fuck him with increasing pleasure, varying rhythm and intensity with incredible sensuality. Justin then lies on his back and Ethan comes to ride him. He climbs up and down on his cock to feel it deep inside him and when Justin begins to pound Ethan he’slong befer he squirts on his belly. Still covered in cum Ethan continues to get fucked for a few moments before Justin comes to enjoy in several powerful jets on his face.

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Added: 12-12-2018 Duration: 26 min. Genre: Amateur, Anal, Twink Channel: Featuring: , Views:
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