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Getting Impregnated by Evan

With this Getting Impregnated by Evan video, we officially start the first Ass Destruction season of the year here at BeefCakeHunter Land, and who could be better for the task than Mr. Beefcake 2022! That day, Beefcake Evan showed up at the BCH arena, looking very fresh, handsome, and groomed; not too long after complimenting that and his shoes, I was on my knees caressing his package, a package ready for delivery as soon I touched it! 😉 After I took his shorts and underwear off, I blew him good while he was still wearing that nice shirt; servicing half-naked men is always hot! The oral session was intense, with a lot of moaning and even some face fucking! Then I got him naked and ready for a riding session. Watching him all spread out on the bed, with that rock-hard cock, got me so in the mood for riding him passionately. I couldn’t help getting very close to him, but I didn’t dare to kiss him. In that position, he fucked me too, and with that, I knew that I had him “in the zone” That is why I ventured to hug him and make him embrace me in a rare moment of intimacy that changed very quickly to another sexual position, a position that I think I have only done before with Beefcake Martin Then I turned around and, laying down on my belly, he began to pound me very hard, mercilessly destroying my ass, the faces that he made while doing it were priceless; he wanted me to feel that cock good and hard, little that I know, with all that roughness, I was Getting Impregnated by Evan, yeah Hunters, unintentionally I was having my first bareback scene because the condom just broke! Lol He changed the position but continued going even harder; I was in BCH Heaven! But I didn’t expect him to cum like that, but then I heard him experiencing an orgasm, and I knew then that he meant that drilling! Delicious! When I decided to show you guys the condom with the jizz in it, we both realized that everything was inside my hole, we both were impressed by that, but we both also were very exhausted after that hot and steamy encounter! I will probably give Evan his fifth little one in nine months


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