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Ago & Jace Chambers

Ago & Jace Chambers
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Jace Chambers is back at the studio! And, like so many others on BaitBuddies.com, Jace is continuing to explore his sexuality. It wasn’t so long ago that Jace considered himself straight. But, after shooting several gay for pay scenes, Jace has discovered that he likes having sex with men just as much as his likes having sex with women! Today, Jace is hoping to put his big beautiful dick to good use! Ago is this week’s straight guy and he’s straight from Italy. Ago is a sexy Italian stud that has a beautiful face and body and a thick rock hard cock! Ago loves to watch porn and he tells Caruso that he had a threesome before with two girls. When Caruso asked him if he had a problem getting up close and personal with another guy in today’s scene, he said that there wouldn’t be an issue. After Caruso has both guys get naked and prove that they can stay hard, he steps out to check on the female talent. When he returns, it’s bad news… The girl flaked out but he still had another option… If both guys would have sex with each other then he would be able to double their pay. Ago wasn’t having it and said that he couldn’t do it. But, after some probing questions and a little convincing, Caruso was able to get Ago to agree to give it a shot. And, he agreed to get fucked as well!