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Beefcake Romeo is back

Beefcake Romeo is back
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Beefcake Romeo is back in Miami for some not so fun reasons. Remember that he got in trouble the last time he was here, but of course this was the perfect excuse to have him back at BeefCakeHunter Land. I really think that Beefcake Romeo is one of the most beautiful black men I have serviced. I would take care of him anytime. I know some of you think that his performance doesn’t go with his looks, and I kind of agree with that, but we have to remember that this mechanic, model and aspiring actor has gone way out of his comfort zone because I made him an offer that it was hard for him to decline 😉 and I still think he has been charming and humble enough in the BCH arena, so I rest my case… lol Once on my knees I began caressing his balls and cock. I was able to get him hard easily. There is something about his warm balls that I love to touch them while sucking him, hmm. I certainly enjoy touching his fit body and pubic hair as well while deep throating him. So far I know that at least he has learn to relax while I am blowing him. I knew that this Beefcake Romeo is back should be about anal again. I tried to push his boundaries again by riding him, in which position that by his face you can tell he was not comfortable at all, lol, poor thing, totally my bad. He definitely needed more doggy style man pussy practice before jumping to that, but well, we never know when these Beefcakes come back or not 😉 Then we moved to doggy style pounding, things improved here, at least he can use the help of the pussy porn playing, but I can tell you that the feeling of his hard cock inside me was amazing, no complains at all. I know, he was committing one of the capital sins at BCH according to the Hunters: watching too much pussy porn, lol but it was working, his dick was harder than when I was riding him. It seems that the pussy porn movie playing was good because I could tell he was getting more and more into the zone, or maybe it was me that when I got verbal it was like a boost for him. The thing is that he couldn’t hold his orgasm anymore and finish sooner than expected, pouring his thick delicious man jizz on my butt. What are the chances of getting such a hottie like Romeo down for some gay sex for the first time? For that I am very thankful this Thanksgiving Day. I hope you guys enjoy this video Beefcake Romeo is back and of course I wish you Hunters a Happy Thanksgiving Day!


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