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Lorenzo & Wynn – Serviced

I have been keeping Lorenzo busy doing a lot of the Serviced videos. He has had quite a year on ChaosMen and like Ransom and Vander, he always is on point. Wynn is married and Bi so I was not sure about his experience level. Turns out he sucks dick like a pro, so the two are evenly matched. We did try to do their cum shot differently, trying to take advantage of the couch and also Wynn’s natural downward curve of his cock.

For the ending, they both jerk off, with Lorenzo’s head between his thighs, his head resting on the edge of the couch. I put a porn on for them, and they both stroked aggressively, trying to cum at the same time. Wynn bust his load first, raining down cum on to Lorenzo’s face. Despite a little bit of cum leaking into his eye, Lorenzo follows quickly, busting his own load! Great timing!!

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