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First Touch – Oliver Morgenson & Isaac Esteban

Oliver Morgenson and Isaac Esteban have been friends for a while now. They’ve done everything together… school, sports, and even movies. And when they both realized they were gay, they came out to each other. But can two boys who have been BFFs be more than friends? After a game of footie, just days after they came out, the tender moments they’ve shared led to their first touch. And like so many twinks comfortable with their sexuality, they quickly discarded any awkwardness by taking turns blowing each other. Oliver, in particular, discovered he truly enjoyed sucking dick. He went to town, taking care of his uncut buddy while jerking himself off. And just as Oliver realized he enjoyed sucking cock, Isaac discovered he enjoyed taking his friend’s uncut, mouthwatering tool up his ass. Oliver took to fucking raw like a duck takes to water. He was a natural! And judging from the look on Isaac’s face, Oliver instinctively knew what to do. With his BFF pushing all the right buttons, Isaac’s moans soon filled the room. And with Oliver bareback fucking like a champ, Isaac soon shot a juicy load. Oliver quickly followed, spraying his jizz all over Isaac’s pretty face. Who said you can’t fall in love, or lust, with your best friend forever?

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Added: 18-12-2019 Duration: 19 min. Genre: Bareback, Twink Channel: Featuring: , Views:
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