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Milking sexy Arjun hard

Milking sexy Arjun hard is my second video with a sexy straight Indian descendant dude, my first one was Bastian. Arjun was visiting town from California, it was a short visit, so what were the chances for him ending up at BeefCakeHunter Land? Very slim. Right? But we got lucky to have him!

This sexy young man is a computer geek, and by my experience, these tech guys are horny as hell, and even though he had a blow job a few days ago, he seems to really love getting his dick wet, and getting edged, a perfect straight dude for an eager cock sucker like me, you will see that in this video.

He seemed very serious at first when we started our conversation, and I thought this would be another challenge like Beefcake Gerard, but few seconds after I started playing with his bulge under his shorts, his body reacted so erotically that I knew I was about to begin Milking sexy Arjun hard, especially when he began moaning… Yeah, for those moaner lover Hunters at BCH, this video is a feast of that, and it is combined with some verbal interactions!

It really let my sexual self submerge in this session. Enjoying every single detail of his beautiful cock and balls. I dared to kiss his legs and touch his chest and belly, and all those reactions that Beefcake Arjun gave me, just got me closer to the Kamasutra BCH experience.

He said that he was packing a few days load, but at the end when he finally exploded, he delivered an amazing amount of cum, enough to cum-bath a couple of cocksuckers if they were more than one here.

I hope you guys enjoy this video Milking sexy Arjun hard and hopefully he is back one day in town so we can milk him again

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