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Place Your Bets – Ethan Chase & Jeremy Feist

Place Your Bets – Ethan Chase & Jeremy Feist
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Jeremy Feist is addicted to gambling, but there’s something else he’s addicted to. Cock. His boyfriend, Roger, knows about the gambling bit and asks twin brother, Ethan Chase, to keep an eye on Jeremy. Ethan agrees, but little does he know how much it would entail. Jeremy makes his move, saying that it’s not cheating if it’s twins. Next thing you know, Jeremy is gagging on Ethan’s big cock, then grunting and snorting like a pig as Ethan bareback fucks his hungry, hairy hole. Ethan wrecks Jeremy’s ass as their groans get louder and fill the room with trash talk, dirty talk, and slapping skin. Ethan pulls out as he’s ready to cum and spews a huge load before sliding back inside and breeding Jeremy with the rest of his seed. He keeps on pounding Jeremy, eventually fucking the cum out of the bottom in what is clearly a euphoric orgasm. But now the question remains… who is the better twin? And are they truly identical?


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