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Sucking Nicholas curved up lollipop

Sucking Nicholas curved up lollipop
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Sucking Nicholas curved up lollipop was possible the same day I met him. I guess my persuasion powers were very strong or he just really needed the gig, since he is between jobs or he was badly craving some oral attention that day. After all, he has been months without it! The only downside was that he had jerked off the day before, and we love a big load at BeefCakeHunter Land, but I took my chances 😉 Beefcake Nicholas is a Latino from NYC with a sexy natural fit body, with fairly hairy legs and a nice curved up cock shape. It has been a while since we have that in the BCH menu, right Hunters? He may look a little serious at first, but it was easy to get him to smile, and it was easy as well to get that dick hard when I slowly began to lick his beautiful balls…umm, yeah, I paid a lot of attention to those balls! What I loved the most about Sucking Nicholas curved up lollipop, was how he reacted to my servicing. It was not overwhelming, instead he was gradually getting into the zone, showing signs like putting his arms behind his head, closing his eyes at moments and sharing the right amount of attention between the porn and me. At one point I had to stop so I can dry his sweat from his forehead, he said it was not nervousness. So, I guess the situation was getting really HOT lol. Anyways, his cock never went soft after it got hard, and it was a long blow job session. Like a lollipop, I got very enthusiastic with his cock head, producing the typical sound when you do just that, something that seemed to get his attention, especially when at one point he got distracted with the girl’s moaning in the video playing. With his eyes on my servicing I used both my hand and mouth to get him closer to the climax. Once he warned me that he was cumming, I just got out of the way so he can shoot that one-day load that was expected to be small, but thankfully we were wrong, and he delivered a lot of milk for us. Nicholas said that he is coming back to visit my back door, I really hope he keeps his word. In the meanwhile, I hope you guys enjoy this Sucking Nicholas curved up lollipop video.


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